The Memoirs of Fred Bisonnes

Two must-own books: Bare Essentials 1 (narrative, 360 pages) and Bare Essentials 2 (gallery, 368 pages). Both available on Amazon. “Even if you’re not familiar with his work”, writes Mark Harvey in the introduction, “you’ve seen his work -a lot of it (…) He created the definitive style of homoerotic photography in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s (…) He has been tangential to much work recognizable from the world of later 20th century gay culture -from The Advocate and Advocate Men to Falcon Studios…” Essential for us pornographers, all indebted to Fred and his legacy: we’re all dwarves standing on the shoulders of trailblazers and visionaires like Fred. Essential and well documented for the history buff (priceless are Bisonnes’ memories of Jim French, John Summers, Chuck Holmes and the early The Advocate days). Last but not least… photo-rich for the fans, who’ll happily walk down memory lane along with Sky Dawson, Casey Donovan,Todd Baron, Leo Ford, Tim Kramer, Dick Fisk, Kurt Marshall, Jim Bentley, Bill Henson, Tony Bravo and so many more. Thank you, Maestro.