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Now downloadable: Giuseppe and Matthias

NOW DOWNLOADABLE (for members only).  Bored with sightseeing, Giuseppe Pardi ends up in Milan’s LGBT store. The latest books and Energie colorful beach wear catch Giuseppe’s attention. Hunky sales clerk Matthias Vannelli is all too thrilled to help. Log in at LucasKazan, bring Giuseppe and Italian stallion Matthias home (DRM-free for your permanent collection)!

New download: The Pizza Boys

What’s more fun than making pizza from scratch with your boyfriend? Hmm, fooling around with your boyfriend, while pizza is in the oven? Italian stud Daniele Montana and Giuseppe Pardi give you a taste of Italian cuisine… and Italian love-making. The Pizza Boys is now downloadable –DRM free– in the members’ area.

PornoLab 2010

In the Summer of 2010, we opened the Tuscan set to a few select guests and turned it into an exciting photography workshop. Jean Franko and Giuseppe Pardi patiently posed for everyone and charmed all. Here are some of the best shots. Full video in the members area at lucaskazan.com

Jean and Giuseppe

Behind the scenes with Jean Franko and Giuseppe Pardi. “I like him a lot,” Jean wrote when I first e-mailed him Giuseppe’s picture. I’ve always wanted to pair our hairiest, horniest man with the prettiest (and smoothest) of our boys; our Latin top with our Hungarian cutie. But the opportunity had never presented itself. When it finally did, sparks flew.


The title I had in mind was “Beauty and the Beast”. Pretty boy Giuseppe Pardi as ‘Beauty’; manly, hairy Jean Franko as the (sexual) ‘Beast’. I decided to play it safe and leave Disney alone, but the original concept permeates every minute of this 18 minute long episode. Latin stud Jean Franko devouring Giuseppe’s ass is a wonder to behold. And when he ferociously, mercilessly pounds him… You gotta see it to believe it.