Ettore Tosi on OnlyFans

Our resident director/pornstar Ettore Tosi just landed on OnlyFans. Check it out for exclusive, never-before-seen homevideos. Doesn’t get any MORE real than this, does it?

Santa OF

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LOVED FUCKED according to Miguel

We just love this art work from talented blogger Miguel Solo. Thank you Miguel :-) And thank you Hector and Rhys for inspiring him/us. Watch LOVED FUCKED 1 at LucasKazan today

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Sneak preview: Mauricio

Brazilian hunk Mauricio, coming this week to LucasKazan.

1 copy Mauricio_poster

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Loved Fucked 1

“I love you. No matter what, remember I’ll always love you”. Guest star Rhys Jagger vows endless love for Hector DeSilva. They make a toast and celebrate in the bedroom, flick fucking each other. Just how long “endless” really is? “A dream come true”, says director Ettore Tosi: “Tall, handsome Ryhs –on loan from BelAmi– and fan favorite Hector! Both bearded. Both hung. With this LOVED FUCKED mini-series, we all enjoyed playing with a bit of story-telling and character development, for a change”. Watch Rhys and Hector today at LucasKazan and get 30% off all memberships (hurry, sale ends Jan 2)

LKP_HolidayAd_2017_72dpi lucaskazan_03 lucaskazan_05 lucaskazan_07 lucaskazan_09 lucaskazan_12 lucaskazan_13 lucaskazan_17 lucaskazan_18 lucaskazan_20 LKP_Banner_540x200 2

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Call Me By Your Name

We take a break from porn today to recommend Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name (now in theatres in the US; In Italy this coming February): achingly beautiful. Breathtaking.

But also to take a step back and reflect on the sad state of porn these days. You’ll find more erotic tension –and infinitely more meaningful– in “Call Me By Your Name” than in most porn schlock out there (formulaic scenes, reality crap, bareback hydraulics, silly parodies and offensive gimmicks). What happened to the art form –and the filmmakers– that once explored the human condition? That once knew how to build characters’ arcs and to shape our sexual psyche? What is porn today, what it used to be and what should it be?  Time to re-discover the pioneers: Tom DeSimone, Steve Scott, the early Joe Gage… Time to say no to piracy and the cancer of  ‘corporate’ porn (you all know whom and what I mean)

Below yesterday night’s screening in Hollywood, with director Luca Guadagnino and young Timothee Chalamet

File Dec 03, 12 08 45 AM images

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Matthias • The Italian Stallion on Nakedsword

MATTHIAS • THE ITALIAN STALLION , now playing at Nakedsword. Everything you wanted to know (and see) of our most popular Italian exclusive. Ever.


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Sneak peek: Loved Fucked 1

Pornstars Rhys Jagger and Hector DeSilva in LOVED FUCKED 1. Coming soon to LucasKazan



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Leonardo Ricci: first live show

LK exclusive Leonardo Ricci debuts on Live.LucasKazan this Friday, December, 1 at 6:30pm CET (12:30pm EST). Stop by and say hi.

Leonardo_news1 copy

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Behind the Scenes with Hector and Rhys

Behind the scenes in Milano, with Rhys Jagger (on loan from BelAmi), Spanish hunk Hector DeSilva, Robbie Rojo and director Ettore Tosi. During the filming of LOVED FUCKED 1 –coming soon to LucasKazan

Rhys_Hector_230557 Robbie_Hector_Rhys_Ettore Aulenti1 bosco1 Rhys_Hector_122742 Rhys_Hector_122912 Rhys_Hector_123437 Rhys_Hector_Robbie_Ett


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2018 GayVN

“Of Boys and Men” garnered 3 nominations for the 2018 GayVN Awards : Best All-Sex Movie, Best Director (Ettore Tosi), Best Duo (Alex Magnum and Robbie Rojo). Get the DVD at the TLA store today

DPQ7-55XUAIzuFN OfBoysAndMen_Front copy

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