Ettore’s hookups

Raw, unrehearsed… authentic. Check out Ettore Tosi’s homevideos on his OnlyFans page.

OF_SaoPaulo SaoPaulo3

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Marco and Robbie, now playing

Washing dishes, wearing nothing but an Andrew Christian jock-strap? This is no ordinary kitchen, after all: it’s a ‘porn’ kitchen. No wonder LK exclusive Marco can’t resist the temptation: Robbie Rojo’s butt is right there for the taking! Watch HUNG Marco bang Robbie at LucasKazan

lucaskazan_01 lucaskazan_04 lucaskazan_05 lucaskazan_06 lucaskazan_08 lucaskazan_11 lucaskazan_13 lucaskazan_14 lucaskazan_16

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Sneak peek: Marco and Robbie

Behind the scenes with Marco and Robbie Rojo –coming soon to LucasKazan

Behind_Robbie_Marco Marco_Robbie_171442 Marco_Robbie_133206

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Ettore: the Neapolitan Chronicles

Ettore Tosi is in Naples through the end of March –for more XXXCastings and more of his adventures. Watch his Neapolitan Chronicles on OnlyFans (pictured here, Ettore and cutie Andrea Fusco)

20180125_144506 Ettore_OF2 copy


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Introducing GIOVANNI

He’s a fitness professional from Southern Italy… and you can tell. At 38, Italian newcomer Giovanni is ripped, more so than jocks half his age: six pack, sculpted pecs and bubble butt. What you don’t know (yet) is that Giovanni is a power bottom –and quite candid about it. His favorite thing/skill? Double penetrations. Biggest orgy? Gangbanged by 15 guys. Watch Giovanni’s debut at LucasKazan

lucaskazan_01 lucaskazan_03 lucaskazan_05 lucaskazan_06 lucaskazan_08 lucaskazan_10 lucaskazan_11 lucaskazan_13

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Up close with Ettore

Don’t miss Ettore Tosi‘s all-new page at OnlyFans. Next up… his Neapolitan Chronicles (through the end of March)

Ken Ettore_OF2 copy

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Rhys Jagger fucks Leonardo Ricci

When the cat’s away…Rhys Jagger, who vowed endless love in “Loved Fucked” part 1, wastes no time fooling around with a trick in part 2 (LK exclusive Leonardo Ricci). Too bad Hector DeSilva comes back home unexpected and catches them fucking on the couch. “Whereas part 1 was all about a romantic connection”, says director Ettore Tosi, “part 2 is about… big cocks, Rhys’ and Leonardo’s. And the drilling…” Watch LOVED FUCKED 2 at LucasKazan

lucaskazan_03 lucaskazan_04 lucaskazan_05 lucaskazan_06 lucaskazan_07 lucaskazan_08 lucaskazan_11 lucaskazan_12


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Of Boys and Men on AEBN

GayVN nominee OF BOYS AND MEN, now playing on AEBN. 5 scenes, including Best Duo nominee (Robbie Rojo, Alex Magnum) and HOT newcomer Gennaro



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Happy 2018

Happy 2018. To all our friends –close and far away

IMG-20180101-ri LKP_Banner_540x200 2

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Best of 2017

Surprise… Based on popularity alone (and, sadly, piracy stats), the Best Episode of the year is not an episode at all. It’s a steamy Private Sex File, with Ettore Tosi bottoming for Italo newcomer Marco. Not sure if because of the reality format or the tangible chemistry between these two or… the condom-free fuckathon. You decide.

Best XXX Castings –ex aequo– Neapolitan bodybuilder Gennaro and Northern Italian Leonardo Ricci. The latter was immediately signed to an exclusive; the former gave a timid performance, but fans took notice nonetheless. Kudos to all (all hung, all ‘made in Italy’)

lucaskazan_01 lucaskazan_11 lucaskazan_10 LKP_Banner_729X90

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