Assistant for a Day | the 2016 edition

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In 2014, two lucky winners, one from the UK, the other from Italy were flown to the set in Sicily. Not just as spectators, but as firsthand participants. This Fall, we’re doing it all again: subscribe to LucasKazan before September 30th and you’ll be automatically entered into the 2016 sweepstake: two winners will be flown to Milano/Italy and will join the cast/crew for two nights in late October –all expenses paid. What goes on on the set? What really happens between takes?  Join us at LucasKazan and win a chance (2 chances) to find out…


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Sneak peek: SKETCHES P1

SKETCHES 1 Coming soon to LucasKazan : an artist and his muse, with an all-Italian cast

lucaskazan_03 lucaskazan_11

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CazzoClub | 50% Off

Discover the world of CazzoClub and, for a limited time, get 50% off. We’ve long been fans of this German studio and its experimental approach to porn-making.

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XXX Castings: Marco

He knows exactly who he is (at 24) and what he wants. Meet Italian newcomer Marco: openly gay (doesn’t often happen amongst Italian applicants), comfortable in his own skin, exclusively into bottoming (never happens!) “Sex is a form of freedom and self-expression”, he proudly says. “It’s not something I’m ever ashamed of, on the contrary…”  Watch Marco at LucasKazan

lucaskazan_07lucaskazan_01 lucaskazan_05 lucaskazan_09 lucaskazan_10

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Hunky MARCELO. Now playing at LucasKazan (courtesy of BuenosBoys)

marcelo_08.jpg* copy marcelo_21 copy marcelo_29 copy

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BelAmi: Greek Holiday remastered

Perhaps the most iconic of all BelAmi classics now remastered –you’ve never seen the Greek isles this way. Breathtaking!


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Sneak peek: newcomer ANDREA

18 year old ANDREA –coming soon to LucasKazan  (we double-checked –he doesn’t look 18, but yes, he’s a high school senior!)

lucaskazan_03 copy

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Private Sex Files: Jogos Cariocas 4

Our 2016 Brazilian adventures continue with a scorching hot flip-flop, taped in Copacabana this past Spring, when Cariocas took to the streets against president Roussef. Along with the grunts of the bedroom, you’ll hear the helicopters, the horns and the whistles of the street…  NEW at LucasKazan

lucaskazan_01 lucaskazan_02 lucaskazan_03 lucaskazan_05 lucaskazan_06 lucaskazan_08

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Throwbackthursday : Marco and Marian

Our weekly walk down memory lane: Andrea and Marian at LucasKazan

hi.Marian_Andrea copy copy

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Throwbackthursday : Cristian

Hung. Uncut. Oozing sex. The Italians of LucasKazan

lucaskazan_04 540x200

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