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Italians and Other Stragers – HD upscaled

“Beautiful settings”, writes HotMagazine, “crisp clean lit scenes, camera work second to none and the men… Oh the men… Superb! This film is a ten on every level” – Now HD-upscaled, Italians and Other Strangers is a GayVN Award Winner for Best Foreign Picture.

A quarter century ago…

As 2020 comes to a close, I think of my first two porn ‘screenplays’: COMING OUT BI (1995) and THE PORNOGRAPHER (1996), both for the late Gino Colbert. Both … a quarter century ago. Different industry, different everything (Chad Conners, Bret Winters and JT Sloan –three of my all-time faves– grace the cover of “The Pornographer”, Vince Rockland the cover of “Coming Out Bi”)