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All-Male Film Directors

Humbled to see my name featured on the cover of Michael Hone’s book, The Worlds’ Greatest All-Male Film Directors ( Amazon). And featured in between my two mentors, Duroy and Bjorn. But can’t help but think we’re an endangered species: Poole, J.Brian, Deveau, Sterling, Travis, Douglas, Higgins are long gone…

Inevitably, “greatest” is a relative adjective. Hone writes about the directors who mattered the most to his own journey. Many other filmmakers are omitted and they may very well matter more to one reader or the other. But I owe Hone 2 thanks: for his work on this neglected genre of ours. And for his generous review of Hotel Italia (“incredibly handsome men made to look their best”). “As of this 2020 writing”, he says, “Kristen Bjorn is 63, a man, who, along with Lucas Kazan, 55, remain the greatest hopes for the homage and adulation due to all-boy male beauty”. While I certainly don’t deserve the comparison, a pat on the back is always welcome. Thank you, Michael.

(Check out the XBiz interview, for more insight into the last 30 years)

Get access to 23 years

Get access to 23 years of LucasKazan

Writes “Cybersocket:”:  “Since 1998, Lucas Kazan Productions has been creating some of gay porn’s most popular and critically acclaimed gay porn films. Although headquartered in Hollywood, most of the studio’s films are produced in various countries throughout the Mediterranean. Since day one, Lucas Kazan Productions has distinguished itself by focusing on high production values, beautiful shooting locations, stunning models, and a photographic style that is elegant and inventive. Furthermore, the sex in Kazan’s films is known for being honest and intense. On a Lucas Kazan set, you won’t ever find cookie-cutter models going through an obligatory series of scripted sex acts. Many other directors envision their films first and then wrap their actors and production teams around that vision. In contrast, Lucas Kazan has a gift for creating a basic scenario and then crafting his films around the spontaneous sexual interactions that happen between his performers. It’s a subtle distinction, but one that can have a huge impact on a film. Thanks to his unique style, Lucas Kazan’s photography has graced magazine covers around the world and has even been the subject of two hardcover art books. With his eye for beauty, deep understanding of desire, and tireless attention to detail, Lucas Kazan continues to make films that blur the line between art and erotica”…

Thank you, Cybersocket 🙂