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Jean and Martin: now downloadable

Opposites attract: hairy/smooth; top/bottom. Dark-haired/blond. Super-hung Jean Franko was immediately smitten with his cherubic (but not so innocent) partner. Martin Dejdar couldn’t wait to sample Jean’s monster cock. Log on to LucasKazan and bring them home today. DRM-free for your permanent video collection.

Jean:Martin 1 copy Martin:Jean_6624 copy Jean_Martin_poster copy


Ettore and Philippe: a NEW download

One look at super twink Philippe Delvaux and I knew his scene with hung Ettore Tosi would be a breeze. If they managed to keep their hands off each other… that is. Luckily, the sexual electricity and the scorching hot flip flop that ensued were spared for the camera… and your viewing pleasure. Log in at today at LucasKazan and bring them home today for your permanent collection.

cover lucaskazan_07 lucaskazan_05

Alex and Bruno

NOW DOWNLOADABLE at LucasKazan : ALEX BANGS BRUNO. Italian exclusive Bruno Boni is a strapping lad from Florence with a body to kill for and dark, seductive eyes. We paired him up with ‘veteran’ Alex Orioli, on loan from BelAmi. Log in today at LucasKazan and bring them  home today (DRM-free for your permanent collection)