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Duels in the Sun

“Celebrating 20 years” –writes TLAGay-– “Lucas Kazan handpicks fifteen men in the best outdoor scenes for Duels in the Sun. Experience scene after scene of Kazan’s most stunning men as they strip down, suck hard and fuck harder in the glory of the great outdoors. You do not want to miss this essential 20 year retrospective!”. Order DUELS at TLAgay today.

Jordan Fox at the Opera

Could it be? A porn flick set in a REAL Opera House (Berlin’s Komische Oper)? French pornstar Jordan Fox shared this picture on his FB page, but didn’t reveal much –other than an intriguing: “for a new movie”. Now, many porn flicks were shot and set in historical movie houses –going all the way back to the 70s. But this must be the first in an Opera House. Phantom of the Opera, the XXX version? Details?

Do pornstars read?

Funny post today on Jordan Fox’s FB page. Yes, pornstars DO read. Some more (see Jordan in the pic below), some less…  Contrary to (trite) stereotypes, pornstars come from all walks of life: in my 20 years in the biz, I’ve met grad students, professors, engineers, soldiers, realtors, insurance agents, pilots, postmen… What they do for a living –it bears repeating– doesn’t define who they are, nor their interests/hobbies/views. Ditto for us… the pornographers: I hold two MFA degrees, George Duroy  a MFA from UCLA, so does Tom DeSimone.  Some politicians, on the other hand…