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Marco Ramazzotti

15th anniversary set. Few models have embodied the all-Italian look  better than Marco Ramazzotti. And nobody as successfully –despite only a handful of movies (with then partner Daniele Della Valle): tall, dark, uncut, impossibly handsome, always adventurous and yet romantic in bed. Did we mention he’s a Scorpio too?

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Legendary bodies: Marco Ramazzotti

Marco embodies everybody’s fantasy of what an Italian stud is all about: tall, dark, impossibly handsome and adventurous yet romantic in bed. Despite his popularity, Marco soon retired: a matter of conflict with his ‘day’ job at first, then with his relationship(s). Yet, to this very day, Marco continues to rank #3 or #4 amongst our most popular, successful models. A testament to his sultry good looks and Mediterranean charisma.