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Down memory lane: Hotel Italia

It was 1999. And yet, it feels like a whole other porn ‘era’. Back then, I was able to produce and schedule HOTEL ITALIA, much like I would an indie feature: a story to tell  -and characters’ arcs to draw–, an expensive, scenic location on the Italian Riviera, a real crew (8 people, including a gaffer, a make-up artist, a Unit Production Manager and 2 staff photographers). Most importantly, back then it would ship thousands of VHS/DVDs and gain the critics’ support. Healthy profit margins encouraged producers to take risks, aim higher and boldly play with content/form… Do I miss those days? Of course. Will viewers ever grow tired of the reality craze and its aesthetical indifference? I hope so (pictured here, Ettore, Dario, Marian, Andrea)

Pietro Cattani

Pietro’s role as Dario’s father in HOTEL ITALIA won him accolades. Ever since, he’s been one of the most popular amongst the LKP models, despite his age (or because of it?) and the short filmography. “I grew up in a small, small village on the Italian Alps”, says Pietro. “I wanted to venture out, to do something different and get noticed”. He sure did. With an ongoing modeling career in the mainstream, Pietro is a ‘pro’ and has always delivered. Don’t be surprised if you catch him on tv in a popular commercial or in countless catalogs and publications. Pietro bid farewell to the blue screen with ON THE FARM. He currently lives in Northern Italy with his boyfriend.