Down memory lane: Hotel Italia

It was 1999. And yet, it feels like a whole other porn ‘era’. Back then, I was able to produce and schedule HOTEL ITALIA, much like I would an indie feature: a story to tell  -and characters’ arcs to draw–, an expensive, scenic location on the Italian Riviera, a real crew (8 people, including a gaffer, a make-up artist, a Unit Production Manager and 2 staff photographers). Most importantly, back then it would ship thousands of VHS/DVDs and gain the critics’ support. Healthy profit margins encouraged producers to take risks, aim higher and boldly play with content/form… Do I miss those days? Of course. Will viewers ever grow tired of the reality craze and its aesthetical indifference? I hope so (pictured here, Ettore, Dario, Marian, Andrea)

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