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Last chance to save: final 5 days

Last chance to save 30% at LucasKazan : 5 days left before December 31st. Come join the fun!


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The HOT Summer sale: final 5 days

Spring into Summer at LucasKazan, save 30% on all memberships. But hurry, sale ends on July 31st.


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Sneak preview: Robbie and Ettore

Spanish Robbie Rojo and Italian superstar Ettore Tosi coming soon to LucasKazan . We didn’t plan on this pairing, but the chemistry between Robbie and Ettore (while filming a scene with Gabriel Vanderloo) was so tangible, we had to get it on camera. Stay tuned

IMG_7821 LKP_Banner_540x200 2

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Alex and Federico in ROUGH/TENDER

We continue to feature the amazing cast of ROUGH/TENDER  on DVD. Yours, 100% FREE, when you join LucasKazan before August 31st. Alex Magnum and Federico are both Italian and their HOT scene  will remind you why Italians do it better…

lucaskazan_02 lucaskazan_03 lucaskazan_06 lucaskazan_08 lucaskazan_11 free_dvd_news

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FREE DVD: Rough/Tender

Join us at LucasKazan this August, get ROUGH/TENDER on DVD for FREE. “Filled with beautiful men who give more than good face”, writes XXFactor. “They give machismo, passion and sensual performances that are of the highest caliber (…) It’s a film where the models are a perfect mix of rough and tender, yet never break their chemistry or that rush of heated passion” . JRL Award Winner for Best Latin Top (Jean Franko) and Best Bottom (Philippe Delvaux)

Rough Tender Cover copy Rough Tender back 3 copy

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The Hot Summer Sale

Summer fun, Summer sale. Come join us on LucasKazan this June and get 30% OFF. More  hunks, more muscles, more everything… All ‘Italian style’.


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D2O: Lucas and Antonio

What goes on in most Italian nightclubs? Some patrons get busy on the dance floor, many more in the adjacent ‘dark rooms’. Log onto LucasKazan today and bring home Lucas Andrades, Antonio Rinaldi and Ettore Tosi for your permanent video collection. They’ll give you a taste of those naughty Saturday nights… ‘Italian’ style!

Lucas_Antonio_newsl copy

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Up close with Tomas Brand

In his mid 40s, Tomas is arguably one of the sexiest, manliest and beefiest pornstars coming out of Europe. His muscular definition is nothing short of spectacular and certainly more impressive than most guys half his age. So is his sexual charisma. And his stamina. With a lucrative day job in Sweden, this sexy Capricorn has ventured into porn as a hobby of sort and as a fantasy outlet –the right attitude to make it BIG! The complete photo gallery on LucasKazan

lucaskazan_04 lucaskazan_05 lucaskazan_06 lucaskazan_08 lucaskazan_10 lucaskazan_14

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The men of Love and Lust on DVD

The men of Love and Lust on DVD : yours FREE, when you join us this July on LucasKazan. Pictured here muscle studs Jean Franko and Julian Vincenzo.

Jean:Julian99F~1 copy


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Throwbackthursday : Giulio Conti

Giulio used to be a pro soccer player. Major league too! But he got injured, his career evaporated and soon he realized he had what it takes to pursue a new one in modeling: good looks, a tightly defined body, sexy green eyes. I knew he had something else to bank on, if he ever needed to: a thick, veiny, 8-inch cock.

Giulio Conti1


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