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The Year in review

Looking back at a successful 2015 here at LucasKazan . Best ‘episode’: Leo Domenico and Logan Moore in “Broken” (pictured at the top). Best ‘reality’ scene: Ettore Tosi and Jonathan. Best  Italian newcomers: ex aequo, Carmelo and Roberto. Stay tuned for more heat and more gorgeous men in 2016. Only at LucasKazan. THE place for quality adult entertainment.

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Leo Domenico and Logan Moore in Broken

Logan Moore and Leo Domenico have broken off. Memories of their happy times together haunt Logan: their falling in love, their sexual chemistry… Logan is overcome by despair and the bleak images of a future apart. Sounds familiar? Dedicated to those (of us) who’ve been in love once and had their hearts… broken. Watch the trailer on LucasKazan

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Assistant for a day

Ever fantasized about visiting a ‘naughty’ set? Curious about what really goes on? Become a member of LucasKazan before September 8th and win a chance to join Director Ettore Tosi, pornstars Leo Domenico, Raul Korso, Logan Moore and many more on location in beautiful Sicily. Amongst all members, we’ll draw two lucky winners. Both will be flown to Sicily on September 30th and will join the cast/crew as guest production assistants (flight, 2 nights and meals paid for by the production). What are you waiting for? Visit LucasKazan today