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Assistant for a Day | the 2016 edition

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In 2014, two lucky winners, one from the UK, the other from Italy were flown to the set in Sicily. Not just as spectators, but as firsthand participants. This Fall, we’re doing it all again: subscribe to LucasKazan before September 30th and you’ll be automatically entered into the 2016 sweepstake: two winners will be flown to Milano/Italy and will join the cast/crew for two nights in late October –all expenses paid. What goes on on the set? What really happens between takes?  Join us at LucasKazan and win a chance (2 chances) to find out…



Assistant for a day

Ever fantasized about visiting a ‘naughty’ set? Curious about what really goes on? Become a member of LucasKazan before September 8th and win a chance to join Director Ettore Tosi, pornstars Leo Domenico, Raul Korso, Logan Moore and many more on location in beautiful Sicily. Amongst all members, we’ll draw two lucky winners. Both will be flown to Sicily on September 30th and will join the cast/crew as guest production assistants (flight, 2 nights and meals paid for by the production). What are you waiting for? Visit LucasKazan today