Assistant for a day

Ever fantasized about visiting a ‘naughty’ set? Curious about what really goes on? Become a member of LucasKazan before September 8th and win a chance to join Director Ettore Tosi, pornstars Leo Domenico, Raul Korso, Logan Moore and many more on location in beautiful Sicily. Amongst all members, we’ll draw two lucky winners. Both will be flown to Sicily on September 30th and will join the cast/crew as guest production assistants (flight, 2 nights and meals paid for by the production). What are you waiting for? Visit LucasKazan today



8 thoughts on “Assistant for a day

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  2. Mathieu

    Bonjour, j’ai toujours voulu connaître le milieu du porno, savoir comment se déroule un tournage, savoir sous quels critères on recrute les acteurs et en plus pouvoir travailler pour vous serait un honneur. Je peux avoir cette chance ???? Cordialement

  3. Kimberly Mitchell

    This would be a dream come true…. I love what you do. To be a part of it would be amazing. I love your videos. Thank you for chance….
    All my best

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