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D2O: Samuel does Roberto

They had their start with BelAmi and found a new home with us at LucasKazan. Samuel Dolce is a skilled top, with a fat, uncut cock, a mischievous smile and ravishing good looks. Roberto Giorgio needs no introduction: in fact, this power bottom has fueled our fantasies for years. Log onto LucasKazan and start downloading today!

RobertoGiorgio0474 copy Roberto:Samuel_0755  copy

D2O: Lucas and Antonio

What goes on in most Italian nightclubs? Some patrons get busy on the dance floor, many more in the adjacent ‘dark rooms’. Log onto LucasKazan today and bring home Lucas Andrades, Antonio Rinaldi and Ettore Tosi for your permanent video collection. They’ll give you a taste of those naughty Saturday nights… ‘Italian’ style!

Lucas_Antonio_newsl copy