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"Pride" Magazine on Wilfried Knight

In the April issue of the Italian monthly “Pride”, Giovanbattista Brambilla pays tribute to the late Wilfried Knight. It’s a candid portrait, one that digs deep, reminiscing the Fall of 2004, when photographer Giovanbattista and star-in-the-making Wilfried first met on the set of “Decameron” (down in Puglia, Southern Italy)

Sicilian jock Fabrizio Leonida

What is it about these Sicilian boys? Meet Fabrizio Leonida, 23, a hot body, a BIG smile and a bigger personality. “I like all things transgressive,” Fabrizio admits. He proved it by letting two girls stick their fingers up his ass… and yes, he enjoyed it. Next step? Fabrizio graced the cover of Italian gay monthly “Pride” back in June 2010. Everyone took notice.