Addicted 2: Marco fucks Andrea Fusco

This second chapter in our “Addicted” series features Neapolitan newcomer Andrea Fusco and his obsession with straight guys. “You know, the guys you run into at work, on the streets…”, he confesses. “It’s the thrill of chasing and seducing them. It’s the pleasure of transgressing”. Another Neapolitan jock, 23 year old Marco, is ready to fulfill Andrea’s fantasies and quench his thirst. “It’s an all-Italian pairing”, says director Ettore Tosi. “A Neapolitan pairing… Marco’s big, fat cock and Andrea’s lust make for the perfect match”. Watch Addicted 2 on LucasKazan

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One thought on “Addicted 2: Marco fucks Andrea Fusco

  1. Juan

    I have followed this hot Napolitan Marco since he started with Lucas Kazan and found him one of the hottest new models, he got a succulent piece of cock; and his cum loads rival those of Mt. Vesuvius.

    This pairing with Andrea Fusco, i think is a winner for Lucas Kazan as well as for both Marco and Andrea. Hopefully would follow next by Marco & Leonardo together.

    Or even a threesome orgy of Marco with Leonardo and Andrea in an awesome ‘Trio’ of big uncut Italian Napolitan cocks having multiple orgasm. making love talking and having fun at the same time.

    Hope Lucas Kazan got the same idea in mind too, soon. Because it would be awesome !


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