How did I get started? –I’m often asked. Officially, as a Production Assistant for prolific director/producer Gino Colbert in ’92, ’93. But my introduction dates back to ’91. I was attending my 1st year as a Producing Fellow at the American Film Institute Conservatory. The sound stage on campus wasn’t available to my crew and I had to hunt for a cheap stage elsewhere: a friend of mine recommended Paul Pellettieri’s on Adams Boulevard. I paid a visit, the rental was OK, the sets oddly familiar (I soon realized I had seen them in dozens of porn vids, both quickies and classics). I didn’t know at the time that Paul was involved in the porn biz, but on the last day of our AFI shoot, I overheard him on the phone with Falcon Studios: the Mustang crew would move in that very same night, the minute we’d wrap. The Mustang crew? Would I run into them? I did… Can’t remember who the ‘stars’ were, but I haven’t forgotten the excitement and the anticipation: shook hands with production assistant Dylan Fox (a Falcon model himself, here pictured) and briefly watched his crew set things up. Paul died of AIDS in ’93 and the stage forever closed its doors. If those walls could talk… (photo @ Falconstudios)