Jogos Cariocas 1: Ettore and Jonathan

What’s not to love about Rio? The beaches, the caipirinhas, the jocks, the sexual vibe… Leave it to superstar Ettore Tosi to discover HOT new talent and to ‘break them in’. First up in JOGOS CARIOCAS is Brazilian newcomer Jonathan: sexy, hung, horny –like all Cariocas. Watch him pound Ettore’s ass and you’ll wonder: is he really 100% straight? Or is he enjoying his Italian coach’s ass a little too much? Watch the trailer on LucasKazan

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One thought on “Jogos Cariocas 1: Ettore and Jonathan

  1. frank

    In viewing this item, I noticed that Ettore Tosi has his chest completely shaved., which is not appealing. In previous dvds, he was very hairy, adding an extra quality to his performances. The once scene that is exceptional is of Ettore and Pietro Cattani. Seeing the rugged Pietro Cattani paired with Ettore was genius. Let’s hope that Ettore grows back his body hair, as I am sure most of your viewing customer base would prefer him hairy and not smooth.
    Thank you,

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