Las Vegas CES2016: back to the future?

HDR (High Dynamic Range), wherein better pixels can employ a broader palette of colors, was much hyped at this year’s CES. I’m just not sure that most consumers will be able to tell the difference between 1080p and HDR. Or that they’ll want to pay for that difference.

VIRTUAL REALITY. Also hyped at the CES, with long lines to test the OculusRift and the Samsung VR gear: 360 degree 3D spherical video (with lots of manufacturers, including Kodak, peddling cheap 4K spherical action cams). And non-spherical VR. Penetration will be slow: 12 millions head-mounted displays are projected sold in 2016 WORLDWIDE (3.6 million units for the Oculus. HTC Vive is forecast to sell 2.1 million units, Sony PlayStation VR 1.4 millions, Samsung Gear 5 millions… How many of these 12 million customers will be looking for GAY porn content? Not that many…)

I’ve watched a couple of straight porn VR clips. Neither was 360 (if you turn your head you’d see black) –more like… 160 degrees, really. And tested one of the Samsung VR experiences (a roller coaster). This felt like the real thing –so real, I had to close my eyes. HOWEVER, both the porn clips and the Samsung ride felt… gimmicky and reminded me of the old dome theaters at Disneyland (some 40 years ago!!!) At present, VR production –still in its infancy– is best suited for gaming and sightseeing (e.g.: a tour of the Grand Canyon). Not sure if and how porn will take advantage of it, other than in conjunction with dildonics. Pictured below, a room with a view, the world’s largest SUHD TV (170 inches!!!!) and the Sony mega-stand.  Next… the NAB Show in April. See you there!

IMG_0242 IMG_0243 IMG_0245 IMG_0246

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