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Las Vegas: the future of porn?

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show was all about 4K technology and UltraHD displays (some as big as 105 inches). While it will take years for 4K to replace the current HD, it will become, inevitably, the standard. In fact, the Consumer Electronics Show has already debuted 5K and 8K displays. How will this impact porn production and viewing habits in the years to come? Will it restore production values? Time will tell. Meantime a few sneak peaks: an extra wide Ultra HD TV (5K) and an 85 inch 3D (glass free) UltraHD TV (8K)

IMG_0020 IMG_0014 IMG_0018

BelAmi goes 3D

BelAmi goes 3D with Vadim and Dario, shot in Ibiza. I don’t have a 3D TV, so I guess the only option for me is to buy red and blue anaglyph glasses: do I want to see my porn that way? –or any other show for that matter? Not sure. Yet, the novelty of 3D will make news: kudos to BelAmi for pushing the envelope and embracing (new) technologies… Check it out