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On Porn: a point of view

 Excerpts from an interview FRESHMEN published in 2007. I wouldn’t answer any differently today…

1. What makes your movies, your style, even your models different? How would
you describe your style….

Colleague Kristen Bjorn refers to my movies as “bucolic”.  I would hope he isn’t  talking of the pastoral settings only. Rather of my quest for beauty. For a Paradise Lost of beautiful men and exotic locales. Raunch, as I see it in most American porn, does very little for me. Nothing wrong with it,
if that gets you off. But I’d like my porn –the porn I watch and the porn I strive to produce– to be erotic and visually spectacular. I’d like it to aim for higher production values, more romance and richer, less formulaic sex. I’d like it to spellbind us the way  Bjorn, Duroy and Higgins have
time and time again. Proof  that sexual heat and beauty aren’t mutually exclusive. Nor should they be.

2. What quality do you look for in your performers?

We all look for a handsome face, a chiseled body and a powerful tool. Sometimes we luck out and find all three attributes wrapped up in one model. More often than not, we may have to settle for two out of three. The order of preference, however, sets one producer apart from the other, one vision of eroticism (and voyeurism) from the other. William Higgins and I would put face first, dick last. Others would put dick first… I suspect these producers are making the most money!

3. How do you define sexy?

This is a tough one. Because being sexy has little to do with being beautiful. It is less about aesthetics than it is about body language and the chemistry between two bodies.