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Video Piracy

The Free Speech Coalition uploaded this timely, informative PSA. It is, however, an uphill battle. Consider the first immediate, idiotic comments:

“I use linux OS’s all i know is free, and even if the big businesses go under, theres always amateur.” And: “How are people without credit cards supposed to get porn? Steal their parent’s credit card? Porn is a very important part of teenage development. Tube sites help that happen”. This is what we are up against: a whole new generation that believes porn ‘comes from tube sites’. Is everything online for free? What about these people’s online checking accounts? Are they free also? May I withdraw $$ as I please? And so the question stands: how do we change the public discourse @ copyright and piracy (without preaching to the choir)?


The Free Speech Coalition announces its Anti-Piracy Action Program. Will the industry coalesce behind it? Shall we finally unite against a common threat? I readily concede it’s only a first step and somewhat inadequate. But a first step nonetheless. At the same time, we MUST change the public discourse on piracy and better educate the new generations. Shows cost $$ to produce (regardless of whether they’re movies, tv-shows, porn vids): the less $$ we recover, the less $$ we invest, the less gorgeous newcomers we undress. It’s a vicious circle affecting everyone: cast and crew on one hand, viewers on the other.