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Alex and Robbie in SKETCHES P2

Alex Magnum is back, with another sexy model to draw and another bubble butt to fantasize about. Unavoidable, when that butt is Robbie Rojo’s . “Great chemistry between these two”, says director Ettore Tosi. “And a perfect match: Italian/Spanish; hung top/power bottom… No directing necessary!” Watch SKETCHES P2 at LucasKazan

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Robbie and Ettore

You know REAL chemistry when you see it. With Robbie Rojo and Ettore Tosi there was no sex choreography to discuss, no blocking, no stop-and-go. We simply let these hunks loose and did our best to capture every minute. The results? Ettore pounds Robbie (doggie, cowboy, sideway); Robbie takes it like a champ –and a hung champ to boot. Watch the trailer at LucasKazan

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Robbie Rojo

With his clothes on, Robbie Rojo is the cute boy-next-door: well read, well traveled, well spoken and looking much younger than he actually is. Take his clothes off and this shy ‘boy’ morphs into an assertive, insatiable power bottom. Robbie is no angel: he knows what he wants in bed, he knows he’s got a bubble butt to die for and yes, he knows how to use it. See the whole set at LucasKazan

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Madrid Tales 2: Robbie and Gabriel

A chance encounter in Madrid, a lost tourist, a friendly help. Madrid Tales 2 is all about those hot hook ups, perfectly carved in our memories. The flames seldom last long, but till they last… Watch hung Gabriel Vanderloo mercilessly pound Robbie Rojo’s juicy ass. And Robbie –no less endowed– enjoy every minute of it. NEW at LucasKazanLKP_Banner_540x200 2