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Ettore and Rocco

What’s NEW on LucasKazan : Ettore Tosi coaches 20 year old Rocco. This Sicilian newcomer knows what he’s good at (bottoming) and what brought him to the set. “I’ve got what it takes”, he says. Does he? Rocco is no superstar: he’s just the student next door, with an insatiable ass and a healthy dose of exhibitionism. Coach Ettore Tosi put him to the test… gonzo style!


Introducing Sicilian jock Salvatore Gorini

Salvatore Gorini is the epitome of the Italian male: black hair, black, bedroom eyes, olive complexion, uncut. He’s also sexy, impossibly gorgeous and built like a Roman statue. What does this 21 year old Sicilian jock do for a living? Acting? Modeling? No… he’s a butcher in Palermo, Sicily. A REAL man for our forbidden fantasies. Watch the trailer on LucasKazan

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All about Alex Magnum

Some people are just fun to be around. Yes, Alex is well-endowed, he’s a “pig” (his own words) and he likes talking dirty. But above all, he makes you laugh. Alex is one of those merry fellows with a contagious laughter and a positive outlook on life… What’s his secret?

XXX Castings: Giuseppe Rizzuto

I couldn’t get Giuseppe to relax and smile a little –this hot Sicilian jock is even sexier when he flashes a smile. Instead he kept serious throughout the casting, like he was taking a math exam and his life depended on it! If it was an exam, 20 year old Giuseppe passed –you decide his grade: deep brown eyes, dark hair, a huge tattoo and a compact body (5′ 7″) he sculpts daily at the gym. A nice bush too, for a change… Now, can someone tell him to relax and have fun?