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The twinks of THE INNKEEPER: Matt

“I was told I look like a cross between Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Slater”, so Matt Van Dorn described himself when he first contacted us from South Africa. We found out he looked much younger than his pictures and that he acted older (and wiser) -a rare combination. At once innocent and mischievous, he was a quick learner and a true joy to work with: always eager and spunky, never tired. Did we mention his delightful South African accent? Join Matt on LucasKazan , get THE INNKEEPER on DVD for FREE

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Meet the men of The Innkeeper: Max

Max Veneziano is one of the most popular amongst our Italian stallions. With only a few videos under his belt, Max has built a strong following. Fans who love his big dick (9 inches). His statuesque body (6′ 2″). His sexual charisma. Join him on LucasKazan, get THE INNKEEPER on DVD for FREE… and see what Max is all about.

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