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Gay Porn Heroes

Writes the Bruno Gmuender catalog: “The success of Porn – From Andy Warhol to X-Tube proved that there is a cultural relevance in gay porn beyond the short moment of satisfaction.

Now JC Adams (Gay Porn Times) presents a worthy follow-up with Gay Porn Heroes. The book is a tribute to the amazing men, across four decades, who have fired our erotic imagination and stoked debate about what it means to be considered an erotic icon. From Al Parker to Brent Corrigan, Jeff Stryker to Matthew Rush, Lukas Ridgeston to Pierre Fitch, these are the skin stars who make us smile—and turn us on!”

Behind the Scenes

What goes on a porn set? Here are two (rare) behind the scenes snap shots. One with Lucas Kazan directing Karel Rok and Martin Dejdar (check it out printed in “PORN. From Andy Warhol to XTube”, published by Gmuender), the other with the cast and crew of The School for Lovers. From l to r, Jason, 2nd camera Alfio Martini, Matthias Vannelli (with the goat), Production Manager Ettore Tosi, cameraman Leonardo Rossi (blurred), Martin Dejdar, Lucas Kazan, Karel Rok, Jean Franko