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American Holidays remastered

20th anniversary. We continue remastering our SD ‘classics’ with American Holidays: color corrected and HD up-converted to 720p . Starring Ettore Tosi, Vilem Cage, Victor Racek, Matthias Vannelli, Tiziano Cortese, Federico Bulsara and many more. Exclusively at LucasKazan

Flashbacks: Federico

We can’t think of a better tribute to Federico’s all-Italian beauty than this unreleased photo-set. Under the Tuscan sun and its magic, this ebullient Sagittarius (and former TV host) looks even sexier, more athletic and more glamorous than ever. Check out the entire set in the photo section at LucasKazan

Sebastian Dunn

A porn aficionado himself, Sebastian had long fantasized about being in front of the camera. We gave him a chance to make his dreams come true and flew him to Greece for a threeway with LKP exclusive Federico Bulsara and Bjorn regular Ivan Cseska. He made friends with both (particularly with Federico, another Sagittarius), amused everyone with his thick, yet charming Afrikaaner accent and impressed us with a tireless erection.