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15 Years – part 11

Blond bodybuilder Tiziano Cortese, silver fox Pietro Cattani, legendary Sasha Byazrov and Lucas Foz… These are the men we celebrate in this 11th –and final– chapter. With remastered XXX excerpts from “A Sicilian Tale” and “Out in Tuscany”, co-produced with Kristen Bjorn. Enduring testaments to their beauty and their sexual charisma. Today on LucasKazan

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Prime beef: Tiziano Cortese

A first-class go-go dancer in Northern Italy and Spain, Tiziano had no idea he’d end up with a blow job in ROAD TO NAPLES. He had in fact agreed to an on-camera interview and a brief jerk off, but director Ettore Tosi kept the cameras rolling and jumped at the opportunity. Notice Tiziano’s reaction…