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Gennaro and Erik

Tall, slender Gennaro drills muscular Erik: both tall (6 feet), both hung (8 inches), these two couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other. Gennaro identifies himself as straight but has zero hang-ups –he’d fuck anyone and anything. Erik is gay and 100% versatile, but we suspect he’s more into bottoming. Just watch him devour Gennaro’s cock with gusto!


Believe me, tops are an endangered species: should we clone Gennaro Grimaldi, his raging hard on and his sexual charisma? A part-time baker and full-time stallion, Gennaro hails from Naples (can you tell?): he identifies himself as straight, but –much like all straight men truly comfortable with themselves and their sexuality– has no hangups and 0 inhibitions. Give him a willing ass and he’ll pound it with no less enthusiasm than his girlfriend’s