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15 years: part 1

It’s our 15th b-day. Part 1 of a tell-all docu is live today at LucasKazan, with a look at the beginnings: “Journey to Italy”, “The Summoner” and, of course… those wondrous boys (Derek Cameron, Jake Andrews, Davide Solari, Gianni, Michele, Bruno…)

“This beautifully photographed and edited movie is the first gay porn film to be shot in Italy”, writes the ADAM GAY VIDEO GUIDE. “The scenery is almost as gorgeous as the men. Ivan is one of the handsomest guys we’ve ever seen (…)  Derek’s scenes sizzle –he just comes on fire with a dick in his mouth or ass…”  From a technical stand point, “Journey” was also the first gay porn flick to be edited non-linearly on an Avid Media Composer (back when porn movies were cut linearly on a Betacam deck): 15 years later, sophisticated editing and color-correction softwares are within everyone’s reach –on everyone’s lap top. Ah, technology!

Journey to Italy’s 15th: the production

We began filming in May ’97, flew Derek Cameron from LA (our American star) and mixed a few European pros with the many Italian newcomers: Erik Kovak (on loan from BelAmi), Wolff (from Germany) and Thom Barron (the Men of Odyssey executive producer didn’t like him and sent him back home. Big mistake: Thom went on to become the Thom Barron everyone knows and one of Europe’s all time fave). Well, everything went wrong that could go wrong. Talk about a baptism by fire… (to be continued. Pictured here newcomer Davide Solari)