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Italian for the Beginner

Join us at LucasKazan and receive ITALIAN FOR THE BEGINNER on DVD for FREE! This all-time blockbuster features a truly int’l and gifted cast. Including Matthias Vannelli (Italy), Leon (Brazil), Roberto Giorgio (Hungary), Mathieu Laffite (France), Giorgio Salieri (Czech Republic), Jean Franko (Venezuela)… Join them all in this trip to Verona, Italy


Spotlight on: LEON

A heavy-metal singer/guitarist and an aspiring actor, Leon is really down to earth. His friendly, volcanic personality, his sexy grin and his knack for story-telling won us over in no time. Did we mention his classic, manly good looks? No wonder he ended up on the covers of “Torso”, “Mandate” and the “2006 Men of Lucas Kazan Calendar”.